Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Real Action

niko pullying xmas040001, originally uploaded by pjdwine.

What Niko wanted most was a pulley. Not a Sponge Bob Pulley or a Spiderman Pulley or a Superwanker (or whatever the commercial hero of the moment is) Pulley. No, what the lad wanted was a piece of hardware that could be used to raise and lower items of import. Such as: Most of what was in our pantry. Once lowered, it was necessary to "make a display of everything," he said. So that was Niko's Christmas project, late in the afternoon and into the evening. Tomorrow, he wants at the "higher-up cupboards," he says. We'll see.

A Christmas Picture

niko_xmas04, originally uploaded by pjdwine.

My first attempt to add 1,000 words to Whine Country in one fell swoop (assuming that long-standing exchange rate holds in the digital world). This is Niko, celebrating Christmas at the South Montgomery Street digs.

Xmas Pictures
Faithful readers know well that Whine Country has always been a 100 percent photo-free zone. My goal today is to change that. It can't be that hard to figure out, right? Coming later, Actual Christmas Shots of the Kid.