Saturday, January 01, 2005

Training Log: Jan 01 05
Three years of consistent (though not hard-core) triathlon training, and I've never kept a log. Highly regretable. There have been countless instances when I wanted to look back and see where I was at a point in the season. OK, so I can't go back and recreate the past three years. But I can track the coming years as they unfold. Starting now.

Run: 10.06 miles / 1:13:50 / 7:20 pace / Felt great; moderate pace with hard but not killer finish.

Trend Alert: Male Eyebrow-Waxing

brows, originally uploaded by pjdwine.

The New York Times says manly men are getting their eyebrows prettified. Be honest, now: Is this something I need to look into?