Monday, August 20, 2007

There was standing water on the roads, here and there, and maybe a little drizzle, around and about, so I pondered passing on my ride this evening. Then I thought about Dan, riding Paris-Brest-Paris, the ridiculous French rando thing, over in France, in Europe of all place, and amongst the French, no less. Apparently Portland isn't the only drippy place come summer, and there was precip in the air over there. So there's Dan, off riding 1200 kilometers through the day and the night and whatever the weather gods bring ... and there I am mulling a 20-miler in a little drizzle. Yeesh. Just ride, dude. So I rode.

Got a flat. Put on replacement tube #1. Got another flat. Put on replacement tube #2, then heeded a very important personal rule: When you have no more tubes or patches, proceed directly home. I did. It was 16.4 miles. I tried. Dan would be proud, if he were reading this and not, instead, wondering when his little hellish adventure would end.

Now I'm following Dan's progress. You may do so as well. He's #4752. Do wish him a safe journey.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rocky Butte
Portland, land of extinct volcanoes. Conquered another one this afternoon, Rocky Butte. I had a plan but ended up following the hand-lettered cardboard signs directing cyclists to ride to the top of the butte this morning as part of a neighborhood protest against some giant store that wants to move into the area somewhere. "Think Outside the Big Box," say the placards on many lawns in the neighborhood. I guess I'm on their side, though I -- and I would guess, many of them -- have indeed shopped at a big box store.

Amazing views from the top. Downtown and the hills beyond to the west; the Columbia, Mount Hood, blah, blah. Very cool. Nice run. Niners-Raiders exhibition on in the background now, only because I'm curious about Alex Smith's progress. And something in the background is nice.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Hometown Tri
Portland has never had a triathlon right in town, which isn't unusual, I guess; I don't know if I've heard of too many downtown triathlons. But some guy has organized one this year, to be held September 2. I'm entered. It's all very Portland. I mean, the goal is a "sustainable and organic" event, and even the finish arch is green. But what about the water? Whenever I mention to locals that the swim is in the Willamette (rhymes with dammit), they say, "ooh, yuck!" But, hey, as long as there's no rain in the 48 hours before the race, we'll probably be OK. Heck, e. coli results have been low all summer!