Friday, March 07, 2008

Checking In
Oh, Brett Favre was great. How could you not appreciate Brett Favre? Talented, gutsy, charismatic, swashbuckling (there’s a word)… all of that. Nevertheless, the Old Blue in me is happy that Aaron Rodgers is finally going to get his chance – his chance to shine, and his chance to demonstrate just exactly how absurd was the 49ers’ choice of Alex Smith over him way back when. So I don’t share Emily's dismay, but I do commend you to read her blog, which is full of all kinds of interesting and exquisitely told travails and triumphs, if you are into that kind of thing. And that is really the point this morning – to mention some personal blogs that are cool. In addition to Emily’s, there is Olga’s, which featured, recently, the most remarkable race report I’ve ever read. And there is Infospigot, who writes so well and from whom I learn tons. And lastly, for now, there is curmudgeonly Jack Bog. I often find myself disagreeing with Jack, but his voice is, ultimately, so very good for Portland, and he, too, is a fine writer.