Sunday, August 18, 2002

Speaking of Lileks, he's just gone nutso about an anti-America piece he just read, and says that "with the publication of this piece in a major American daily" the idea that lefty idiots don't have any avenues for their views is shot down. Only problem is, the piece he's talking about (I won't link to it; it's ridiculous) was published in the Baltimore Chronicle, which is neither major nor daily.
Eventually I want to include some thoughts here about being a father, but think I'll wait until I have a better feel for the blog form. Meanwhile, two of my favorite bloggers are Brad DeLong and James Lileks, and here's DeLong, reacting to a recent Lileks' post, on the profound change that parenthood brings.
Daily Howler has the goods again on how shockingly poorly the NY Times covered the 2000 race. As a former reporter and editor, this stuff amazes me. (And if you think that DH is always hostile to Dubya, this is a must-read.)
Last Week's Workouts
Mon: Swim 2000 yds (300 warm-up, 7x100 on 2:15, 500 steady, 500 mod hard--9:10); run 45 min treadmill; 3 mile evening walk
Tues: Swim 1500 (500 warm-up/steady, 2x250, 500 steady); bike 1:20 at 125-135 HR (23 miles); 3 mile evening walk
Wed: Swim 1750 yds (200 warm-up, 4x200 on 5, 500 steady, 200 recovery)
Thurs: OFF
Fri: Swim 1750 yds (200 warm-up, 500 hard, 1000 slow but steady, 50 breaststroke cool-down); 4 mile evening walk
Sat: Bike 35 miles, up Mt. Veeder, down Oakville, moderately hard
Sun: Swim 2250 (250 warm-up, 8x100 on 2:15, 100 breast recovery, 2x250, 500 steady, 50 breast easy/recovery, 50 cool-down); 3 mile evening walk
The Seattle Times editorializes that because the Washington wine industry is so successful--it's now selling $628 million worth of product a year--you and I ought to pitch in and give it $250,000. Huh?

The industry wants the quarter-mil to expand its genetic plant bank, or "mother block." A good cause, but why can't this fabulously successful industry pick up the tab itself? This looks like corporate welfare, pure and simple, and is just the sort of thing we don't need in lean economic times. The sad thing is, the only argument in Washington is whether the big corporations and wealthy independents who make wine in Washington will get $250,000 (House version of the pending legislation) or $150,000 (Senate version).