Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Few Updates for You Regular Readers (Yeah, Right)
1) The abdominal pains subsided within hours of me calling to make an appointment to see the doctor (a week ago Monday). Was it quitting coffee that did it? Going on a largely gluten-free diet? Eating less at a sitting? Drinking less wine? Or some combination of all of those? Who knows? Still eating and drinking less -- which feels good. I tend to overeat. Still staying away from coffee. The first two days were hard but now the routine of starting with a cup of strong, dark English breakfast tea, followed by several cups of mint-lemon balm tea through the day, is growing on me. In the winter, it's comforting to have a hot drink at your side.
2) In the days following the marathon I was insanely sore. My quads were destroyed. I literally could barely walk. I walked home from the office the day after and it took nearly a half-hour, twice the usual time. Curbs were a challenge. Stairs were impossible without clutching the railing. Three days after I could walk normally and almost do stairs hands-free. Five days and I wasn't thinking about any aches and pains.
3) I ran this Monday evening, 15 days after the marathon. Felt good to run and my body responded well. It was just three miles but enough to leave me slightly sore the next day. I'll run on Saturday and probably Monday and then get back into the routine. Napa Valley Marathon, first Sunday in March.
4) I swam twice last week and also the past two days. Last week it was cold here in Napa and hard to work up the desire to get out into the pool; this week, the rain has a tropical feel to it and swimming today as the drizzle came down was fun. I did more backstroke than usual. I'm a terrible backstroker, but doing it anyway improves my feel for the water and makes me a better swimmer. Or so I like to believe.
5) Anna in the office got the flu. She sat out one day but has been working since, hacking and sneezing and wheezing. I've been steering clear of her and applying copious amounts of Purelle to my hands after touching anything outside my office -- doorknobs, the copier or fax machine, the microwave and anything elese in the kitchen. So far, I'm OK. Anna? Oh, I think she's getting better.