Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Year
Maybe I'll do one more competition this year. I'm contemplating the Death Valley Borax Marathon. I think I'll be well-enough recovered by then -- December 4 -- but most of the literature advises to wait several months before doing a second marathon. That would point me toward the Napa Valley Marathon, right here on my home turf.

Anyway, I set out to do more events this year and I did. Special thanks to Rebecca and Niko for being so cool about me taking the time to train and compete.

Millerton Lake (1.5K S, 40K B, 10K trail/road run)
Uvas (1K S, 18M B, 5M R)
Wildflower Half (2K S, 56M B, 13.1M R)
San Jose (1.5K S, 10K B, 10K R)
Half Vineman (2K S, 56M B, 13.1M R)
Tour of Napa Valley (100M bike ride)
Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon (26.2M R)

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