Friday, October 07, 2005

Weekend Fun
The best laid plans.... Niko is ailing, though just one of the 2-a-day-for-10-days Amoxicillin doses prescribed by Dr. Carrillo appears to be making inroads already. It really is a whopping dose: He's getting 1,250mg of the stuff a day, about 60mg/kg of body weight. Always-dangerous Internet research shows this is the new protocol for ear/sinus infections (Niko apparently has the latter), after years of 20-40mg/kg being the norm.
Meanwhile, I've got a scratchy throat and feel run-down. Harbinger of things to come? I'm guessing not. I think the half-iron action will happen on Sunday. Maybe not "as planned," but it'll happen.

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Aunt Suzy said...

Hey Pete,
Is this Niko's first sinus infection? Zach had some trouble with them long ago, maybe when he was Niko's age. The doctor concluded that it was from allergies. Once we started dealing with the allergies, he never had another sinus infection.