Thursday, January 12, 2006

Not at Home on this Range
In order to have a range, you must have two points. Something like, say, $10, is not a range. It is a single point. Now, $9-$11 (read as "$9 to $11"), there's space between $9 and $11. That space -- that's a range. If you don't want to conjure an actual range and just want to say, "around $10," then fine, say, "around $10." But don't call $10 a range. At least around me.


judy b. said...

That reminds me of a friend who used to work in a bank. Customers would come in and say, "I'd like to withdraw about $25." (You can tell how long ago this was - people made withdrawls at the counter.) He wanted to hand a person $23.50 or some such and say, "There. That's about $25."

Of course, he would actually be giving the customer approximately $25, not "about" $25.

Patrick Havens said...

Or that costs under $20 and the price is actually $19.99... that bugs me at times. I'd wish they woud say that almost $20.


BTW - nice blog