Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Training Log: Jan 04 05
Arrived at the gym this afternoon to find the pool closed for repairs. Reportedly the membership had been warned of this eventuality with numerous signs plastered throughout the building; I saw none of them, and none were up today, the first day of the closure. Anyway, this state of affairs will be in place until Sunday, which is just too damn long not to swim, so I'll probably fork over 10 bucks to swim at my old gym on Thursday. (I left the old gym because the pool is indoors and the toxic air was causing me massive sinus problems, all of which cleared up once I headed across town to my current gym, where I can swim in fresh air -- well, fresh as can be since they finished the 29/Trancas interchange a few hundred yards away, which, when the wind blows just right, seems to leave an invisible cloud of auto toxins right over the pool.

No swim, so I ran. Good run. I'll run Thursday, probably 10 miles, then Saturday morning I'll crank a 15-miler at 8min/mile pace. I'm thinking of doing a 20-miler on January 29, then probably one more long run around February 12. Napa Valley Marathon is March 6.

Run: 7 miles / 52:30 / 7:30 per mile, nice and easy, quick recovery.

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