Monday, January 03, 2005

Training Log: Jan 03 05
It's not always pleasant, working out. Injuries happen. You bonk on a long ride. A mistimed breath in the pool leads to, uh, complications. It could be a lot of things. Tonight, for instance (like I said, it's not always pleasant), I set out on a short, easy run only to find myself beset by lower GI issues.

That's right, I had to go. I hardly thought about it at all for the first mile. During Mile 2, I began to wonder. Mile 3 suggested the urges might become very powerful indeed. Mile 4 was a bit of a trial, requiring some deft but not desperate mind games. Mile 5 -- the ultimate mile -- was a highly, highly suspenseful.

I made it.

Today's training:

Swim: 1600 yards nonstop / 55 seconds per 50 yards, nice and steady. What's really becoming evident on my swim is that I gain efficientcy as I go deeper into a long swim. I think it's all about getting a feel for the water. Anyway, short but good swim.

Run: 5 miles at what was supposed to be an easy pace, but ended being merely slow. Around 8:20/mile.

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