Saturday, March 12, 2005

On the Road Again
If there is one definitive statement that could be made about the past five months of my life, it is that I have not been riding my bicycle. No-no-no -- the 45 minutes here or the hour there on the trainer in front of the television don't count. That is exercising. That is working out. That isn't riding the bicycle.

So today my friend Dan generously came up to Napa for the second time in a week and we went for a ride. We made our way through town onto the Silverado Trail, headed up the valley to Rutherford, sliced across the valley at Conn Creek, turned south on 29, did that pretty little jaunt on Yountville Mill, then cruised home down Solano (the 29 frontage road) and California.

A couple of quick observations on this 2-hour, 35-mile expedition:

1) It wasn't that hard. Riding with Dan took my mind off the work, so that helped.
2) Dan pulled my ass quite a bit. That helped too.

Seven weeks until Wildflower.

1 comment:

dan said...

Dude -- how dated! -- it was a pleasure to come out, get out kind of early, and do that ride. And you're right -- there's really no substitute for being out on the road.