Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Or was it "plastic"? I could look it up, but why don't you and let me know. Thanks.

Anyway, what brings this classic line from The Graduate to mind is an encounter I had with an older guy at the Paterno Wines Tasting Room Tent at Indian Wells Garden Tennis Center (whew). When I mentioned that I lived in Napa and that it was growing with the flood-control project making development more attractive, he leaned close and whispered: "Buy. Buy real estate. Bust your balls if that's what it takes. But buy real estate. Do it, Pete. This is your chance. This is OK, doing this wine thing. But if you're ever going to get ahead, buy. Buy. Whatever it takes. Buy."

And you know, he's probabably right, this retiree from West LA who has settled in Sun City to live out his golden years with his bride of 40+ years under the desert sun. Or at least, isn't this the lesson any sane Californian would have learned from history?

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dan said...

Yeah. Buy. I suppose that's right. One time, the little house across our back fence was for sale. It was a fantasy of mine to buy it, but when the time came, the fantasy took a back seat to the reality of borrowing *all that money*. Of course, the damn thing would go for twice as much today, less than a decade later, even if all you had done was mow the lawn regularly. What a game.