Sunday, September 18, 2005

American English
I don't know; I like the semicolon.


dan said...

I ain't gonna pay to read that whole dang article. But I think the guy's got it wrong. It's not that most of us think semicolons are evil. It's just that most of us don't know what the heck they're for (interesting that in the standard American keyboard, they were placed in the home row; sure, for the right little finger; but still, "a" is the left little finger, and you wonder whether the semicolon was more popular and important in olden days).

Pete said...

They wanted you to pay? I didn't have to pay.

You're right that most folk are just confused about the semicolon. But how to explain the fate of the good ol' parens. Dashes, which are far less practical, litter the literary landscape, while parens go largely unused ('cept by smart guys like you and me).