Saturday, September 17, 2005

The thing about riding alone -- for me -- is that I so easily convince myself that I can cut it short. Up Veeder, down Dry Creek, ah, what the hell, that's enough. Thirty miles. An hour and 45 minutes. Good ride but, c'mon: blah!


dan said...

Yeah -- that's the benefit of going outside a close-to-home loop: You're sort of forced to ride longer. In fact, one of my favorite rides has come to be that one from here to Davis, partly because it guarantees I get the hours on the bike (but also, it's a surprisingly interesting ride, even though you spend about 16 miles getting past Fairfield).

Pete said...

I'd like to do that ride up to Davis with you sometime. (Sometime, oh, sweet Sometime. I could write a song about you, Sometime.)